Homeschool Diary: Keeping Records, Puppies, and Wasps

I’ve been experimenting with different recordkeeping methods this fall.  Mississippi does not require me to keep any records (a fact which often surprises people) but I like to keep them anyway.  In some seasons I do better than others.  The one thing I can say for homeschooling in New York and Missouri is that it […]

Rethinking the School Year

I started the school year sort of like I was preparing to hurl myself into a burning building.  I didn’t like the looks of the schedule but certain things had to be done in the name of Education.  Besides, other people seemed to be able to handle it, why not me? The short answer is: […]

Homeschool Diary: Week 1

Homeschool Diary is my sort-of weekly account of life at our house.  I used to call these posts “Learning in Review”, but I like the name “Homeschool Diary” better.  Here are a few facts to keep in mind when you read these posts: I have eight kids still at home, in grades 12, 8, 5, 5, […]

SQT: Summer is Coming to an End Mash-up

One Do you ever start a conversation making perfect sense in your head and half way through you suddenly realize that you have either forgotten everything you knew about the subject or you never knew it in the first place and your point, if there ever was one, has completely disappeared? I’ve been getting 4-6 […]


We’re home and doing well! The day Rose came home from the hospital. The marks on her leg are pen, to measure the swelling an IV in her foot caused. Rose was in the hospital for eight days, including her pre-op day when she was weighed, stuck, x-rayed, and settled in prior to surgery.  We […]

Quick Takes: Preparing for Surgery

There are a lot of posts I want to write right now, but there’s nothing like saying, “I’m planning to post more often!” to encourage life to become too full to post anything.  So here are a few bits and pieces of our lives lately. The biggest piece of our life right now is getting […]

2015-2016 in Review: What Worked

Most of us (except for Katydid, who just finished her last class) have been on summer break for a couple of weeks now.  It wasn’t that we actually came to the end of work; instead, I just declared it was time for a break.  This hasn’t been the worst year, academics-wise, that we could have […]

Revisiting Choice Time

  I’ve had a little help lately when I’ve tried to use our whiteboard for school. As our school year has wound down and there were things accomplished and not accomplished, I have again begun to think about Choice Time. Choice Time was an essential part of how I “did school” with my two older […]

Family Birding for Beginners (Updated!)

This post was first published in 2012.  We’ve discovered new equipment and resources, but mostly, all of the advice remains the same.  My oldest daughter — who just turned 17 somehow — is now evaluating colleges based on whether or not she will be able to bird while she’s in school.  But it all started […]

Montessori with Toddler Twins in 2007

In 2007, I was thinking a lot about little people.  When this post was written, I had a four year old, two eighteen month olds, and I was pregnant with #6, who would be born in August before the twins turned two.  And all these little people needed something to do with their days — […]